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We just installed xmf and were surprised to find out that xmf does not come with a preloaded Pantone library. We were told that spot colors (Pantone colors) are added to the Ink Pool as they are encountered in jobs/files, and they use the Ink Settings that from that file.

Every prepress workflow we've been exposed in the past (Prinergy, Apogee, Print Manager) had one (or more) preloaded Pantone libraries.

I'm not comfortable allowing a customer's file to set a system wide standard. Does anyone know of a way to import the Pantone library?

Any input is appreciated.


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that used to bug me as well, XMF conversions are based on the profile used, try converting a pantone color in pitstop with the same profile you use in xmf and the results are the same. It would be better to use the pantone bridge, Im pretty sure you can set it up with the pitstop actions. A good site for XMF knowledge is - Index, seems to be a lot of xmf users on there. The ink pool thing just becomes a mess, ive never used it, might be ok for specific conversions.
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