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Hi all is anybody here doing billing statements? We have started doing statements for a small utility and are looking for an efficient way to do this. Basically, the client is giving us a file 8000 records. Its only 6000 unique mailing address and each has a varying number of transactions. We want to print the mailing address and all related transactions on the same page. We do use printshop mail and planet press to print most of our stuff but neither of those supports this type of grouping or pulling from multiple tables. Or am I missing something?? can anybody help point me in the right direction? I would share how we pull it off now but it hurts to talk about it!!! Thanks


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The forum probably needs a little more information before they can help you:

(1) Is there a flag on the record that tells you how many pages (or, items) there are?
(2) Are you printing the front and back of each page?

For mailing purposes, each sheet of paper (front and back) would be considered a page. So, your file needs to be separated in to "one-pagers", "two-pagers", etc. These are also called "fulfillment streams". All one-pagers need to be mailed ans one drop. The two-pagers as a second drop. The three-pagers as a third drop, etc.

We mail statements and invoices all the time. The "secret" is to know how many line items will fit on a page. We then wrote our own software to split the incoming file into their respective fulfillment streams before submitting the files to presort software.


Have you contacted your local Objectif Lune representative or reseller to confirm that PlanetPress cannot do what your customer wants? They're very helpful in my experience. If you supply them with some test data and an explanation of what the customer wants to do, they will be able to confirm within a few days if it's possible or not. I would be surprised if PlanetPress couldn't do it unless your customer has a very specific requirement that isn't common.


Are you getting a pre-composed PDF from the client or are they giving you data to compose with your VDP solution? If you are working with a pre-composed PDF I would look into FlexStream from Flex Systems -- it's a very affordable "tranform" software that can scrape the address block off the sort the PDFs in presort order if that's what you are looking for.

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