Sun Chemical Digitizes Color Communication with GMG ColorCard


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GMG, in partnership with Sun Chemical, has integrated GMG ColorCard into its color matching services, digitizing color communication for Sun Chemical customers, and creating accurate, faster & more efficient visual color references. GMG ColorCard will be part of the SunColorBox solution set.

ColorCard enables identical color cards to be produced in minutes across multiple locations—in a digitized workflow—as an important part of the approval & print production process. ColorCard opens a new chapter & enables the digital production of color cards based on the ink kitchen’s spectral measurement values.

ColorCard is fully automated—only a few clicks—and the entry of basic parameters such as ink, printing process & substrate are all that’s required. Adding ColorCard to the SunColorBox gives Sun Chemical customers the opportunity to create accurate color references on-site, at their own location, reducing turnaround time & shipping costs.

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What about Profitability?
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