Support Technician Needed—East Coast


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We are in need of a Rampage Rip software support technician.
Pay will be based on an annual retainer plus a per incident fee.
All serious inquiries will be considered.


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Hello chriscozi, it was nice talking to you, sorry I will not be able to help out. You may want to expand on what it is that you need help with. This is a one time service that you're looking to get help with. That may help you find someone that is willing to travel to your shop and help out. I (and sounds like Slammer too) thought this was more than just a one time service you're looking for. Good luck!
We are running Rampage on a Window XP pro machine. The machines died and able to transferred the hard drivse to a smiler machine got it up and running. In need of help to get up "Afp" running on the "PC" sp we can get back to work. Everything was working 100% until the computer died.

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