SYNAPS Synthetic Paper—Protection Against Bacteria & Viruses


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Agfa has launched SYNAPS Xerographic Matt (XM). This new version of SYNAPS replaces the existing XM product range while preserving its print quality, antistatic process behavior and universal printer compatibility.

SYNAPS—a polyester-based print media developed, manufactured & marketed by Agfa—comes in 2-versions: offset / electro-ink (SYNAPS OM) and Xerography or dry toner (SYNAPS XM). Both OM and XM products are available in a variety of thicknesses. OM is also available in a self-adhesive version.

The new, synthetic paper has an agent that antagonizes surface settlement and growth of bacteria & viruses. The bacteria & virus agent remains active for the life of the paper, protecting areas that are covered with toner & ink. SYNAPS is targeted for use in applications that require indoor / outdoor durability without needing lamination—tags, signage, labels, posters and menus, etc.

Independent ISO-20743 & ISO-18184 tests have verified an efficiency of up to 99.99%.
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I wonder what happens when Synaps printed material is included with paper due for recycling? Agfa only mentions incineration.
But this really caught my eye. The first item on Agfa's Synaps sustainability info page is: "SYNAPS was designed to preserve wood as a natural resource and uses exclusively synthetics as raw materials."
Wow! Agfa is using plastic in order to preserve forests!


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Our local recycling plant gets jittery when they find laminated trims or wax coated paper wraps mixed in.
I imagine this will be no different.


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Wow! Agfa is using plastic in order to preserve forests!

It is great they support a truly green world. Recycled carbon is plant food. And since there is a seemingly endless supply of carbon energy under our feet why not. Nice to see someone not cowering down to the elite hoaxers and their genocidal maniacs.
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