Tables in InDesign


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Is there a way of resizing one cell. I can only resize one row or one column.
Can I make one cell wider whilst retaining the same width of all other cells in the same column?


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Re: Tables in InDesign

I think if you click an individual cell with your type tool, then scroll over the edge of the cell, you'll see your cursor change to an arrow which will allow you to drag and adjust. Give it a try.


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Re: Tables in InDesign

If I understand you, you want, for example all your columns at shall we say, equal width, but on one row you want to make two adjacent cells, one bigger and one smaller?
A work around would be to merge those two cells into one then paste a two cell table into that cell, without border rules and no insets in the parent table.
You may have to do a bit of tweeking Good Luck

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