Temple provides universal access of Adobe CC to students


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Adobe & Temple University have reached an agreement for campus-wide access to Adobe CC. The agreement allows every Temple student, faculty member & employee—with a registered university email address—to use Adobe CC. Access includes Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC & Adobe XD CC.

Temple’s Tyler School of Art students use Adobe XD in their interactive design classes, but other students will now also be able to use XD to design & prototype website & app projects with other tools like Photoshop & Illustrator.

The decision by Temple University to invest in Adobe CC is part of an ongoing trend of a number of higher education institutes offering their students, faculty and staff access to tools & services that increase digital literacy and help them transition from content consumers into content creators.

Recently, University of NC at Chapel Hill, Penn State, Clemson, University of Miami, Colorado Mesa University, University of Arizona and Webster University have all deployed Adobe CC’s full suite across their campuses, as they recognize the growing importance of teaching students to digitally communicate via different channels, platforms & forums, regardless of major.

Enabling students to create digitally with compelling work utilizing video, audio and imagery on their desktops, labs and mobile devices, encourages students to open their minds to creative expression, and turn their classroom ideas into career opportunities.


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