Tharstern to Launch New Cloud-MIS for Labels


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An innovative cloud-based MIS solution for labels is scheduled to debut at a virtual event on July 27, 2021. Further details about this new product will be released on that date. And, the developers promise that innovative technology—not normally seen in MIS solutions—will be unveiled, at that time.

The new product called Tharstern-Cloud will initially be available only to label converters, although the product will evolve into other areas such as Large Format, Commercial and Packaging, in the future. According to the company, “In the coming months, we’ll be evolving the MIS so that over time, it supports all types of print (applications).”

The decision to create the new product took place 3-years ago & arose from a need to add additional functionality to their MIS app for labels. Rather than using their existing development resource, the company decided to hire a separate development team to work on the new product, allowing Tharstern to continue developing their current solution in tandem with the new cloud product, giving customers the future option of choosing between the two.

The official launch of Tharstern-Cloud will take place on July 27, 2021 at 3pm BST.
Anyone interested in attending this virtual event can register here.

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