Thermography Printing & Slow Dry Ink Question


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We have a Thermograph Thermo-Type TH1200 that we decided to take out of production. During that time we replaced all Offset with Digital presses. Now we are going to bring back Thermography. These toner based machines will not work with the thermography, as we know.

My Question Is ,
Is there a quick INKJET solution? Will Xante or Oce inks / machines work?
We are not looking to purchase any offset machines again.
I do need an option for a long term solution.
But also , what could an option to get by until this is solved.

Thanks In Advance, A Printing Fool


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Option 1: Find a supplier with a Scodix system, print the jobs yourself and outsource the raised print to them as a raised Scodix UV varnish
Option 2: Outsource the raised print to a screen printer as raised UV varnish
Option 3: (Long term solution) Invest in Scodix or similar.


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I've seen samples of multiple passes on Xerox Iridesse which produces a lovely heat raised print.
Obviously a bit on the pricey side but maybe you have a local vendor who you could outsource to.


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Kodak Nexpress raised clear toner can be made to look a lot like thermography. We do a handful of business cards that way.


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@PrintingFools , question out of it thermography, specifically, that your clients are requesting, or are they looking for a raised spot UV look that most are recommending here? What kinds of clients/projects are requesting this?

We had a few local trade vendors in my area who specialized in thermography, but they are all gone now as there seems to be little to no demand for that type of printing, especially since full color cards have become around the same price as 1-2 color thermo. One was a local BCT (Business Cards Tomorrow)...they tried transitioning to being a trade printer for full color, but I think they did it too late, and their turn-around/prices just didn't compete with places like 4Over, so they eventually closed down. I work for a county department in-plant...our main facility used to do the business cards as thermography in-house, but that is now long gone too and we print in full-color.

If it is raised spot UV you're looking for, one other option besides those mentioned by others in the discussion is the MGI series. They came out with a lower cost, smaller foot print version of their machines called the JetVarnish 3D One. It's meant to compete with the Duplo DDC-810 mentioned by @bill kahny . It's also sold by Konica Minolta.

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