Tired of my Canon Pro9000 MKII having ink flow issues

Tired of my Canon Pro9000 MKII having ink flow issues

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  • "Upgrade" to the Canon Pro-100

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  • Invest in a larger 17-24" plotter

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Seriously, so sick of it. I went through two printheads on my first one then bought another model new and already it's having issues. It's always the same color... Photo Cyan. The ink will band badly and there's faint white streaks on the ink flow test print. I run several regular cleans and deep cleans with no improvement. I'm so tired of this.

Before you ask, I am not using official Canon ink. I'm using the same generic ink I've been buying for four years and only recently have I had these problems usually after about 500 prints or so.

I run a print-on-demand service for artists and sell their art and pay them a commission, much like Zazzle, DeviantArt, and CafePress. I'm starting to think these home printers aren't up to the workload I process.

So should I just replace this printer with the Canon Pro-100 or move up to a professional plotter? I'd like an $800ish price point, and if I'm upgrading, I'd like a 17" wide printer. I don't want something that will take up an entire room and I also don't want just CMYK. I'd like a printer that can duplicate RGB profiles, much like my Pro9000 can. I heard the Epson Stylus Pro 7900 series can, but I don't need a printer that wide and it's way out of my price range.

Please help. I don't know where to turn. It's a nightmare Googling for printer reviews.


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We have an Epson 9900 (4 yrs old) to be put on Ebay. If you are interested please let me know.
Besides that it constantly requests nozzle checks and cleaning, it still works well and great color.


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I ended up investing in a Canon ImagePROGRAF IPF6400S. I got a demo unit for $1900 from a local store with a two year extended warranty. Thanks everyone for your help =)

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