Toko 4750 Electrical Problem


Does anyone have the electrical schematics for a Toko 4750 2-Color press? We are having an issue that when the press is powered on, all covers are shut, the ready button will not light up green.

We have already tried individually jumping the wire on the switches to try to determine if one had stopped working. We did not have any luck with that.

If someone has any insight on this issue, or if someone has the electrical drawings I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.


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Hi Sir:
Attached you will find a circuit made for my person, as Professional electronic+electrical engineer by over 49years of experienced in many disciplines like Graphic Arts Equipment, Now retired by my age 69 years.

As you will see the SW1 is the Start butto for his machine, the Power can be 120Vac or 220Vac, or other, whatever is the Input to the machine possible has some Main transformer,, if does NOT have transformer , you can trace the Sw2+sw3 like STOP Normally Close =N.C. You can make the bridge between in the first Stop, and goes ON.

If the machine work o.k, BUT if the machine Does NOT work please do this:

a) See if there are some Relay or contactor for to control the Main Motor, and activate the relay or main motor with erase pencil for to avoid electrical injury. if work see if some FUSES are open (replace it with the same type, Voltage +Amps+same color), or if C. Breaker as been trigger and Reset

b) If everything is o.k and does NOT work, see if there are some Main transformer, and see if the output for to feed the Stop switch is o.k .

c) iF everything is o.k , Test any Stop Limit switch, for OPEN or defective and replace it.

d) Finally if everything is o.k , test the Motor directly, look the ID plate for Voltage if is Vdc or Vca, and put some Power supply with the capacity of Ampers +Voltage for test the Motor.

Let me know, sincereoy


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I'm gonna have to pull my weight and ask very nicely for some big help on this. We have tried very hard to obtain the wiring information, to no avail. Gordo, or anyone else, do you have any contacts that could help us?

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