Toner offset on ImageRunner 110

Cory Smith

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we print a few million pieces a year that get folded, stuffed and mailed presorted. The piece is then opened, form filled out and mailed back to us. We are having problems with the toner offsetting on the return trip. From talking with the post office this seems to be happening in the sorter.

I have the density set as low as it will go on the ImageRunner. Tried a few different stocks with no luck.
Any other ideas?


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Re: Toner offset on ImageRunner 110

A couple of things to consider. Seems like I see this on every laser printed mailing I receive, so there may be no way around it. Yes, it is happening on the belts and wheels of the postal automated sorters. They are fast, like 30,000 letters per hour, and heat and friction is built up, and pressure between the belts and wheels. There you have it, heat and pressure, and that is how the toner is "retransferred".

What if you found a sheet that wasn't so smooth, and held the toner more in the valleys, or allowed it to fuse more into the web of fibers? You could test this with a printed sample and an iron, with moderate pressure.
What if you asked Canon for a smaller particle size toner, the latest technology, and this wouldn't be as likely to transfer, not as "lumpy"?

Just some thoughts. Oh, and where is this place? What's the ambient temperature of the mail handling? Phoenix? Florida? Ahhhhhh, could be a factor.

John Lind
Cranberry Township, PA
Re: Toner offset on ImageRunner 110

the folding also gets a big part in this, since it stretches the fibers after the toner is set and melted by the fusing system. the stress the folding generates aften leads to at least some minor peeling. that, combined with the environmental conditions, may be quite difficult to solve. the smaller particle toner is the best bet, since rougher paper stock (that would keep the toner in valleys) will probably lead to a decay in print quality.

Cory Smith

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Re: Toner offset on ImageRunner 110

thanks for the suggestions...we are unfortunately committed on the paper (mandated by the state). I will follow up with Canon and see what options there might be with the toner.


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