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We always sent the new guy for a cup of halftone dots :)
When I was brand new, one of the pressman backed up a job upside down. I was the bindery 'kid' at the time and noticed it was wrong when I started to perf the job. I asked the pressman what to do, and he said I needed to get the "paper peeler". He explained that I will run the sheets through the machine to peel the back apart from the front and then I needed to run them back through the sheet gluer in the correct orientation. This was in an effort to save the expensive card stock he ran it on. It took me a few minutes to realize he was messing with me because he kept such a straight face. He and the other pressman had some good laughs at my expense for a while. :unsure:

Alois Senefelder

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Hello Gentlemen,

I can remember during my apprenticeship! - The Compositor Apprentices being sent to look for " Along Stand"

the Pressroom Apprentices sent for a "Tin of Tartan Ink" and many others I can't remember, I must be getting old !!!

Regards, Alois


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We used to ask the new guys to hold the feeder unit during wash-ups on old presses so the press doesn't move forward.

Sometimes asking new guys to push the press towards the nearby wall to make room for the printed piles.


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The Push To Be a More Versatile Printer
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