Transparency Viewing issue


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Short and sweet.
PDF from Indd./ color box with transparency.
60/9/15/33 with a 70% trans. on it. I'm getting the right values. measured with pitstop/42/6/10/23
It views one way and prints another. Its not my proofer. It the viewing of the file with a transparency.
I had to try to match the PDF on screen because the client okay'd it.
Any way around this?



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Re: Transparency Viewing issue

How about changing the tint of the build instead of the opacity? Or, just change the build to 42/6/10/23 at 100% opacity.

Any reason why it HAS to be transparent? Are there elements behind the build that are showing through? If so, that's probably what's influencing your color.

rich apollo

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Re: Transparency Viewing issue


Hiya'. Haven't heard from you for a while.

What I've had to do in a lot of these situations is flatten the transparency in a very controlled manner. Unfortunately ID doesn't have a Rasterize function like Illustrator - hopefully in CS4.

So, here's what I'd do.

1) Duplicate the file
2) Delete everything but the transparent box and the items it's interacting with
3) Export as a PDF
4) Open the resulting PDF in Illustrator
5) Rasterize the whole bit and save
6) Replace the offending bits in the original ID file with the new graphic you've made

Now, if there isn't anything interacting with the box - just set the opacity back to 100% and change the tint to 70%. I've seen an AWFUL LOT of creative folks using opacity to adjust tints as if they've forgotten how to use the color controls.


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