Trueflow vs Esko Automation Engine


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We have a facility 1,000 miles from us. Their RIP is old and they will be replacing soon.
We have Screen Trueflow and have had it for 10 years.
250,000 plates and probably 60,000 rips - of which 90 percent have been APPE since we received that
RIP in 2007 or so.
It is a workhorse, but no bells and whistles.

We really want to end up with synergy. Same RIP between both facilities.
Can anyone give me any arguments of one vs the other? Sorry, but Kodak, etc are out.
At this point, this truly is a Esko v Screen decision. I buy what they are buying, or they buy what I am buying.

I am sure that both produce an appe pdf that will in turn produce a one bit tiff.
The main point is that they are being sold on the automation. I own PowerSwitch and have found it useful, but
not enough to drive my decision on a RIP. To me, automation out of the box is as useful as automatic wipers that
come on in the rain. The concept is neat, but in the end, does it get me to my destination faster?


I have no experience in the other mentioned softwares, but personally I find Esko Automation Engine an absolute god send.
With the correct mind set and Esko Workflow it will not only get you to your destination quicker, but it will do it in the background whilst you are working on your next job.

The software's possibilities seems to be endless.


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Hi KW,
well Trueflow is now been replaced by Equios which is much more modern way of working. Having said that it still bears some resemblance to TF for example in job tickets. The biggest difference is the imposition which is totally build around JDF standards and is now built in in all clients and has no restrictions regarding user count. Although it is different from Trueflow you can now migrate almost all old jobs from trueflow to Equios.
If you were to go with Equios (cause I think the only way you could get Trueflow is to buy a second hand system) the nice thing is that you can always export a job from one site to the other. Exported jobs would have all files, impositions and templates needed to process the job on another site.


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The historical compatibility is good, and the lack of need for further training might push you toward Equios. If you would like to see Esko, with Automation Engine, I can make that happen.

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