Tutorial at CIC 14 in Albuquerque on Best Practices in Color Measurement


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Practical Applications of Measurement Systems in Color Engineering

The engineering of color imaging systems requires both the fundamental and practical understanding of color measurement systems. When the goal of an engineering design is to optimize color reproduction, the results can only be as good as the input color measurements on which the optimization is based. This tutorial will start with a foundation of color measurement theory. From this beginning, various applications will be covered, each including the instrument setup and associated measurement implications. The tutorial will close with a hands-on demonstration of several modern instruments with the focus on measurements which facilitate device profiling.

Upon completion of this tutorial the engineer or technologist should be able to:
? identify the components of a spectrocolorimeter and the functions of each
? define the calibration process of spectrocolorimeters
? interpret measurement requirements and select appropriate measurement geometries for various applications
? consider the implications of materials properties as they relate to color measurement.
? perform the color measurements required for device profiling
? assess the use of instruments for the specific application of device profiling

This tutorial will be of interest to color engineers and technologists who are responsible for making and interpreting color measurements of all types, especially those in color image reproduction. It will also interest those who must create device profiles that produce the highest level of predictability in the communication and reproduction of colored images. An engineering background is not required, although an understanding of basic scientific principles will be very helpful.

Danny C. Rich has bachelors and masters degrees in optical physics and a doctorate in colour science from the Rensselaer Color Measurement Laboratory under the direction of the late Fred W. Billmeyer, Jr. He has been published on all aspects of colour science and technology and is active in colour measurement standards organizations such as ASTM E12 on Color & Appearance, ISO TC130 on Graphic Arts and in CIE Division 2 on Measurement of Optical Radiations. Dr. Rich is currently head of the Color Research Laboratory in the Sun Chemical Corporation, the world’s largest producer of printing inks.

David R. Wyble is a Color Scientist within the Munsell Color Science Laboratory at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He holds a bachelors degree in computer science, a masters degree in color science from RIT, and a doctorate in color science from Chiba University. He currently teaches graduate color measurement within MCSL, and has taught various computational and imaging courses for the last decade at RIT. Dr. Wyble has been published in the areas of device characterization and color instrumentation. He is active in the Inter-Society Color Council and the Council of Optical Radiation Measurements.

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