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*To all Preps users, this might interest you:*

Ultimate Technographics Inc,
http://www.imposition.com/, the leading imposition software developer and the inventor of digital imposition, is pleased to announce the Ultimate Productivity Bundle for Preps™ at Graph Expo in Chicago. Ultimate brings Preps users Intelligent Hot Folders, Dynamic Templates, “smarter” marks, client/server architecture, and new options for imposition proofing.

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle for Preps includes:

• Signature Server reads Preps jobs and templates and can be configured with Intelligent Hot Folders to process Preps jobs on a server freeing up the Preps workstation for immediate use. This brings Preps users automation that has not been available to them.
• Intelligent Hot Folders can be linked to Dynamic Templates so the imported Preps template can now auto adjust to page sizes and page quantity. This means many fewer templates then Preps users are accustomed to.
• “Smarter” press marks can be attached to the signature, pages or to the press sheet Built-in dynamic marks with full control of properties (thickness, length, color layering including knockoff or overprint).
• Color Bar Editor with auto-remapping of spot colors can be used to create color bars, density bars, web take-off bars, dashed lines and ink density can be controlled on the fly as well as screen angles and cross or star pattern could be created and much more.
• Adobe Acrobat 8 native imposition is supported. Something not currently available to Preps users. Signature Server supports a wider range of filters then Preps which gives users the flexibility to process more kinds of jobs.
• An additional workstation that can use Origami for convenient virtual paper folding that can write Preps templates that can be imported into Preps for more intuitive template creation.
• Proof and Repurposing can take Preps jobs and automatically convert them to a digital press respecting the exact pagination of the original job. This can be used to proof Preps jobs to a digital blue line, or to automatically repurpose Preps jobs for digital printing.

The Signature Server can run on Macs, including Intel Macs, and Windows. Proof and Repurposing runs on Windows. The workstation to configure hot folders, add marks and create Preps templates runs on Mac or Windows. The Ultimate Productivity Bundle for Preps is available for $3,995 to registered Preps users.

Ultimate also provides other Productivity Tools for Preps including Page Pairing for automatic pairing of newspaper, magazine or book pages as they become available for managed output of printing plates on a first ready, first out basis. Also Ink Ready for automatically generating CIP4 ink data for printing presses, or zonal inking charts for presses that do not have CIP4 ink interfaces.

Ask about the Ultimate Productivity Bundle for Preps at Booth 5427 at Graph Expo or find out more information at www.imposition.com.

Preps is a trademark of Kodak, Signature Server, Intelligent Hot Folders, Dynamic Templates and Impostrip are trade marks of Ultimate Technographics. Other company and brand, product, and service names are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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