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We have an HP Indigo 5000 in which we have currently printed coupons. At one time we had an older SymArt UPC barcode verifier, however, that has gone up in smoke - literally! My question is has anyone had any issues validating UPCs coming off the Indigo? Also, we were able to "read" the barcodes using our inventory scanner (12 digit number shows in display) however, this does not necessarily mean that the printed UPC is within certain specs. Does anyone have knowledge of an inexpesive validating UPC reader/printer?


Re: UPC Barcode Verification


It sounds like you may have the basics mastered, but to really gain control over the liability that is involved with UPC codes, as well as providing education to you and your customers, and selecting the right verification tools for your applications, I would suggest giving these guys a call. I have had tremendous success with Auto ID Solutions at our plant, they are great people to work with, and will answer any and all of your questions.


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Re: UPC Barcode Verification

If offset can print a good barcode, then so can the Indigo. It IS offset printing. HP makes label printing machines, ergo, barcodes should not be a problem, unless you get a bad file....I recently performed a microprinting test with Indigo vs iGen, Indigo resolved the smallest font, again, good news for barcode printing.
John Lind
Cranberry Township, PA

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