Upcoming Events

Just a note about several upcoming events and new resources on the Web.

There will be a G7 Professional Training on March 25-26. Link to www.gracol.org to register.

The recent Webinar presented by Larry Warter "Press Operator"s Guide to Color and G7" is available at www.gracol.org

The recent Webinar presented by Bill Pope "Monitor Proofing to the Numbers" that outlines the new SWOP Monitor Proofing Certification program is available at www.swop.org

The IDEAlliance Proofing Summit will be held in NYC on March 10. See www.proofsummit.org for more information.

The content from the recent IDEAlliance Color Management for Digital Imaging Track at the PMA/DIMA Conference is now posted at www.idealliance.org/colormgt/

Dianne Kennedy

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What about Profitability?
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