UV coating and scoring

Anyone ever try scoring covers before uv coating? Bindery manager is opposed to scoring soft touch on our morgana so was thinking we could try scoring before coating. Any thoughts?


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Assuming you mean crease as opposed to score:

Either way doesn't seem to pose any problems. It seems easy and fast enough to check. There's no way imo that coating will injure the Morgana; likewise, run scored sheet through the (offline?) coater.


My only concern would be if the coating flows into the score, pools and present an issue when you bend at the score. Bottom line....give it a test!

I agree with pdan's comment that the UV soft touch should score unless it's very scratch or scuff sensitive. Speak with your supplier.


I have found nothing but issues when trying to UV coat after creasing. I do a lot of newsletter covers and brochures on heavy stocks. After the sheet is printed, I coat it and then crease it. I usually do gloss, but have done a good bit of soft and matte. Just make sure on the soft and matte you have your IR lamp turned up real high. If the coating isn't fully cured onto the sheet, you do run a risk messing up the finishing machines.

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What about Profitability?
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