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Tom A. Hawk

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My company is interested in purchasing a new UV Coater. Just wondering what some good reccomendations are? I want to get the most bang for my buck, and my price range should stay below 15K. Any suggestions?


Hello Tom,
I am a Coater manufacturer and a coating supplier. I have been in the UV Field co 18yrs. At AL'S CO UV, we strive to provide you quality products. We evaluate your applications and find the right size, speed and automation needs you have. Visit us at Al's CO UV | A World Of Curing Solutions and see our UV COATERS. Contact us at info@alscouv.com and we could get you uour options.
Look forward to hearing from you.



I have a used 18" Tech Lighting UV coater 3 years old $12000 ex site
great condition

Eddie Armendariz
915 253 9954


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If you plan to coat stock with wax-based toner ie Konica Minolta you will need to make sure your UV coater has an infrared preheater. We use a Drytac UV coater and it works well.



Consider the warranty, service and availability of supplies. If it goes down, what impact will it have on your production. Upfront price alone should not be the only consideration. Overall cost of operation needs to be evaluated too.

Brett S

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Justin, what kompac machine did you see? We are looking at the EZ Koat 15 and 20 vs the Duplo 145 and a Tec Lighting TRU14. The kompac seems different than the others.


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I looked at the EZ Koat 15 at Graph Expo 2012 and again at Print 2013. Both times I really liked the machine. What I like is that the cleanup is fast. The coating sits between two rollers and you can fill it with a syringe. Cleanup is just a matter of using the included vacuum hose to suck out the coating sitting between the two rollers, clean off the rollers, and you're done. I saw them do a change over in around 3 minutes, with almost no waste.

IR and UV so it coats/cures quickly. Aqueous and UV coating with very quick changes from matte to gloss and back again..... Genius!

Brett S

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Did you look at either the duplo or tec machines at the show? Just curious what if anything you remember about those devices.


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I never looked at duplo, and only mildly at tec. I've looked at brochures for both, and they look like fine machines, but we do a lot of very short runs (10-100 sheets) and the super fast cleanup, and only adding coating as needed is what appealed to me. I suppose if you're doing a run of 500+, it probably doesn't mean much to have quick cleanup and fine controls of the amount of coating used at any given moment.

Brett S

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We are a mix, could be super small runs and could be 1500-2000. Probably caught between the two for an average run of 200-300. I really like the Kompac but the 15 seems REALLY small, maybe you dont need that extra drying space/length like the Duplo or Tec but not sure.


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Do the Duplo and Tec use IR heating to help dry the coating? If not, then that may explain why they need the extra length.

Did you look at the Graphic Whizard machines? They're short like the kompac machine.


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The TEC machines do utilize a Infared Preheat. We do 30 sheet to 300 sheet jobs on a regular basis. Setup is nil - about as long as it takes the lamp to heat up. Waste could be classified as nil; all the coating recirculates into the source container.

Here's the message I sent to TEC Lighting's installer a week after install.
"Just a follow up.
We’ve used the machine every day. Every time we turn around there is another job to coat - labels, magnets, business cards, posters…hit a button, button, button and go! The Gloss coating is pretty simple to nail on the first sheet. I had the Satin coating up to satisfaction in 3 sheets.
We appreciate the time you spent here – installing, ducting and training.
Thank you Tom"

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