Uv inkjet printer curing issue possibly?


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Hi guys we have just bought a uv printer for printing direct to object, foamex, pens, glass wood etc it has a led uv lamp with a temperature setting. When printing solids to any surface on any temperature setting the print looks both dry and wet. It isn't wet, a bit tacky overall but this weird patterning like if you rubbed your hands across suede or velvet. Just not a nice look, it also scratches off most surfaces even with pre treatment. Head test is good.
thanks in advance?


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There is always a relationship between your ink, the UV cure and the material your are printing on. If you use the recommended ink from the machine/printer provider you can go back to them and ask for better settings relating to the system they provided. If you go off the reservation and buy a different ink, you are usually on your own.

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What about Profitability?
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