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Hello All,

we have a nexpress and we're churning out some fantastic stuff using the dimensional and nexgloss features, i want to offer a range of security products with some variable data.

To be honest we tried variable data when we had a xerox many years ago and it was a horrible experience, probably down to our lack of knowledge with the software.

I wanted to know, is there a plugin for indesign we could use, just simple things to being with like sequential numbering, as we cut our teeth we may dabble in other VD applications.

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There is a mail merge feature to indesign (CS5 anyway) can't remember about 3 or 4 that can be used for simple things. Fusion Pro desktop has a plug in for Indesign also depending on how complex you want the variable data to be


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Data Merge is the inbuilt feature for InDesign. It isn't too bad but is restricting for some jobs. It creates big files if you have a lot of records.

XMpie is a plug in for InDesign that is very powerful. It is also very expensive and some of our operators struggled to understand most of the features.

We have now switched to Fusion Pro. It's more of an Acrobat plug in. You can create text boxes in InDesign but the actual merge is done in Acrobat. It's was quite cheap. Under $1000 AU

The reason we changed is Fusion Pro has training videos on the web so that our operators can view them if they experience difficulty. We can also contact them via phone if we have any problems.

XMpie had no support and training was hard to organise in Australia.


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which is a very small investment

which is a very small investment

How much were you quoted for XMPie? I heard it was in the £3K-4K range
Since the variable data project planning is not trivial, I would think even if a solution is 5k you would make this back in 2 or 3 jobs.

The engineering of a multi-touch, cross media campaigns often bill out a 6k min, more likely to start at twice that amount. Will you be considering simple text changes, or images as well ?

I like XMPie, but as in any tool, you need to RTFM and practice exporting to PDF files and review you results. De-Duping / list management issue (to me anyway ) are the thing that seem to trip most people up, not the actual execution of the final art - that list they say they have may not actually be as useable - or in useable form - as most customers thing it is.


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DesignMerge VDP Plug-in for InDesign

DesignMerge VDP Plug-in for InDesign

DesignMerge Pro is a very powerful and sophisticated variable data printing (VDP) and data publishing software package that works directly within the QuarkXPress® or Adobe® InDesign® applications. The idea behind DesignMerge is very simple - just take any normal QuarkXPress or InDesign document, and “Make it Variableâ„¢”. Your variable output will look just like you did File/Print for each individual data record.

Meadows Publishing Solutions


We tested Fusion Pro here because we heard good things about it. I can confirm its quality software, but we didn't go with it because we do large quantities of VDP and needed something to render files faster. We use Pageflex right now, but wanted to see some of the features in FP.

I believe the processing rate we got w/ FP was close to 5,000 recs per 30 minutes, but would probably be better with a faster computer. I would recommend it highly as an entry-level VDP tool for InDesign, and I believe the pricing is just right.


You can try and buy Xerox FreeFlow VIPP Pro Publisher. It is add-on to InDesign.
Most powerful tool, much effortless than old VIPP :) You can download it from xerox site and try.
Good price.

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