Vastech 14" Shallow Processor


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Just bought a used one, and don't know how it works. Looks like the overflow goes straight down. Usually overflow is to the side, and does not empty until replenishment forces an overflow. How does the chemistry stay in the processor.
I have the same processor. Chemistry does not "stay" in the processor. It works totally different then what you have probably used in the past. You have separate jugs of chemistry that sit under the processor and the fluid sucks up one tube and drains back down through the overflow tube right back into the jug. The jug acts as the tank. Very little chemistry is in the processor at any given time. Chemistry temp must be fairly warm and chemistry needs to be fairly fresh. I can get a jug of Developer to last about 30 days and Fixer 60-90+ days. You also must have a rinse jug filled with water. You should change this about once a week.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the information.I guess you don't put chemistry in the machine to start, but simply fill the tanks underneath. Will be using this for polyester plates.
Correct. you only have chemistry in the jugs and it pumps it up and then back down. It circulates in a shallow tray. The processor is simple (cheap) and its fairly user serviceable.

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