ventilation for eco-solvent printing room


New member
We're installing a new eco-solvent unit next week and I'm having a bit of trouble with figuring out the ventilation we should have installed.
The manufacturer has told us that because this is a small 60" unit and on eco-solvent inks, we should be ok with running it in a room with just an open window or small AC unit. I don't think this is enough though...
Would it be wise to install a holed pipe under the machine in addition to the AC? We've used this under hard-solvent printers. The pipe is connected to a wall mounted ventilation system.
Any other options? Should I have an additional ventilator for moving fresh air into the room?
This would make it a bit tricky in winter, due to the temperature and humidity needed for the printer to funtion properly.

BTW, we have a seperate room prepared for the unit and drying off the prints, so the operators' computer will be right outside of the printing area with a large glass window to see the prints as they come out.

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