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Jwheeler is slightly incorrect regarding the feeding. You can add the POD decks which will give you air feeding. It's only the engine drawers that have to be friction feed-and by the way, all engine drawers do not have any double detect sensors.
They are also releasing a new model, but I haven't seen much about it other than it's a whopping 5ppm faster:

Printing656...he was referring to the C750 which only has friction feed and air assist. This is something to watch for when talking to vendors. Every manufacturer has 'air feed' or 'air assisted feed'...this just means there are fans on the sides and sometimes on the front that blow air to help separate the sheets for feeding. Konica Minolta and Ricoh take it a step further with actual suction belts to pull in the paper, eliminating the need for feed rollers/tires that wear out and start slipping. I checked the specs on the new C910 series, and it uses the same technology as the C750, no suction/vacuum feeding.

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What about Profitability?
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