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Hello all,

Well, recently I have been hit with a layoff due to the Covid-19 slowdown. I am a print professional who specializes in all aspects of Large Format Screen and Digital Printing but have knowledge of various other printing methods. Most recently, I was the Director of Large Format Imaging and I am currently located in the SF Bay Area. I am willing to relocate for the right opportunity. I would prefer not to post my resume, if anyone is interested, please send along a note with your email address and I would gladly send a copy.

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Start with a lower hourly rate to test the waters, and post a a few paragraphs pitching your knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience in this forum and Tell your story. Setup a Shopify of Square account for credit card billing. Get a Google voice account or other passthrough virtual phone service that is free so that you don't give out your personal phone number or shell out for a second phone. I'd guess that for starters you'd want some testimonials and to go through a few small projects to build self confidence and customer confidence.

As a potential customer who's relatively new to the printing industry and just barely scratching the surface with wide format, I'm looking to fill some knowledge gaps like
-choosing wide format laminates
-choosing a wide format laminator
-customer acquisition for various wide format printing output

-consumable and equipment vendors to avoid
-quality control tips and tricks

-offer to teach and coach hands-on processes via Facetime/Skype/etc
-how to negotiate volume discounts

Basically, create a service selling your intuition to printshops with problems that they can't Google or Youtube or get good answers for from vendors.
Hi Seeking Knowledge, I may be able to help you find a new position. I formerly owned two of the largest "reprographics" companies in the US, am a former Managing Director of the APDSP (formerly known as the IRga), and I am active as a consultant in the reprographics industry (and have been since mid 2008.) I have connections throughout the reprographics industry. Send me your resume, please: (My blog is called "Reprographics 101")

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