Video Celebrates Corrugated Box Recycling


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Last year, the recovery of corrugated packaging reached 96%, and in celebration of America Recycles Day, the corrugated packaging industry has released a new video that celebrates the everyday joy of receiving corrugated cardboard packages at consumers’ homes, titled: “Something Extraordinary Happens Every Day”.

The video takes viewers inside a box plant to show how boxes are made, and encourages consumers to be an active part in the recycling process. Each day, corrugated boxmakers responsibly manufacture packaging made from a renewable resource that can & should be recycled.

According to Rachel Kenyon, VP of the Fibre Box Association, “The recycling of corrugated packaging is miles ahead of any other packaging material, and the industry’s prolonged & focused effort on recovery and reuse should make consumers feel good about boxes being delivered to their doorsteps.”

Old corrugated containers (OCC) are used to make new paper products. More than 50% of OCC recovered in 2018 was used to make new containerboard for corrugated boxes. An additional 10.4% was used to make boxboard for primary packaging like cereal boxes and more than 34% was exported.

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