Voltage Regulator?? for ctp galileo vs


Hello everybody

i have recently bought a used ctp agfa galileo vs, with the plate manager, but i was wondering if i can plug it directly to the power supply, because i don´t want to make any damage to the ctp, so i was thinking, that it would be better if i plug it first to a voltage regulator and then to the power supply

but i don´t know the capacity of the voltage regulator that i have to buy so i can connect all the ctp parts (plate manager, the ctp (where the laser goes), the conveyor, and the ls 82 Ultra ), without making any damage to the ctp,

does anyone could suggest me the capacity of a voltage regulator??

the power supply is 220v

if you have any idea, please let me know

thanks a lot for any help

best regards!!


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LP 82 Ultra plate processor needs 3 phase power line normally, but there are a few different possibilities to be connected to single or 3 phasse 220, 380, 400 Volts. Look at the diagram inside the electronics comparament.
Make a calculation of total current Amp value from all connected devices, multiply by 220 and add 30-40% extra.
You will get total power consumption - that's the point to start your searching a stabilizer (not voltage regulator).


Ok thanks vlad

it is really helpfull, thanks, i will do the math, because i would like to connect all the devices in one stabilizer, like you mention, and i wouldn´t like to damage the whole galileo

for example:

plate maganer: 10 amps
the lp 82 ultra: 15 amps

total= 25 amps


25 x 220 x 40%=7700 right?

well once again thank you for your support,


how are you?, i don´t know if you can help me once again please, i turned on the galileo, and i waited for all the systems to work, and once they did, i wanted to refill the plates, so i sent the command,but once i did, a message appeared, displaying an error number: 1040, "shutter motor or drive failure", i don´t know if i did something wrong, can you help me with this?, i would really appreciate it, thanks a lot, best regards!!!!


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What command did you send?
Move bin to load door?
The Shutter is disconnected in case Plate Manager installed.
The Shuttle?


hi vlad

first of all thanks for all the support, and yes i used "move bin to load door", and when i did it, the error #1040 appeared, then i reboot the galileo the message appear again,

i have the plate manager

have a merry christmas

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