WACOM Tablet Pen Tool issue with Photoshop CS3


This is a problem unique to using my pen in Photoshop CS3. It doesn't do it with my standard mouse, or with my Wacom mouse. I also doesn't do it in Photoshop CS2, but I have not been able to find a preference to fix this in CS3. When I am cutting a path around an object, if the next point I click is relatively close to the previous point, the instant I let up on my pen, the pen cursor "jumps-back" to the previous point just for a split second and then returns to where I am currently at. Wacom just gave me the latest release candidate for the driver to see if that fixed it, which it didn't, and that's all they said they could do. Has anyone else epxerienced this issue? Does anyone know how to solve it?


Re: WACOM Tablet Pen Tool issue with Photoshop CS3

You don't say what platform you are.

I've never seen this behavior I'm using a dual core G5 with 4GB RAM OS 10.4.10 and Photoshop extended. My tablet is an Intuos 3.

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