wanted polygraph cpc table monitor details

i have one planeta polygraph super variant(p-44-7) machine. This model is make on 1991. Fuji console. In the machine cpc table monitor have some problems, the company use " sharp dual scan display cz - 603d. I want to replace the new monitor. But the old monitor's pin is fully different from new monitor's pins.
So anybody can help me that how to change the cpc table's monitor.
Thanking you.

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p.prakash prabu


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Were you able to get a monitor to work? I am trying to do the same thing with replacing a cz-603D on a Planeta Polygraph Fuji Color console. I have made a cable up with the correct pin out to plug a vga monitor in, but the cz-603D was originally used as either a monitor on the planeta or a video game monitor for the x6800 game system from the late 80's (only sold in Japan). The monitor uses a weird sync of 15 kh or 31 kh and all monitors I try to hook up are saying out of range or change to 1280 by 1070 dpi. (monitor is dead so I cannot set the resolution on the Polygraph console). Thinking either an arcade monitor or possibly an old Commodore 64 monitor will work with this.


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You have 3 options to get a monitor to work on a Planeta press. 1st option pay the $4000 for the replacement 1980's CRT monitor from planeta. 2nd option buy a NEC AccuSync model # LCD17V (LCD monitor) for about $40 off of ebay. (for some reason NEC made these monitors that sync to the 15khz signal that the original monitors did). 3rd option buy an industrial machine monitor converter board "GBS-8219 XVGA Box" (about $150 to $200 on ebay.)
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Dear Sirs,

For your kind attention and ordering:
New CRT Monitors (Not LCD) Monochrome and Color monitors in factory package are available.

- 12", 14", 15", 17", 21" CRT Cathode Ray Tubes.
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