Webinar: Learn How to Increase Your Business’ Productivity & Profitability


Webinar: Learn How to Increase Your Business' Productivity & Profitability
with Aleyant Presseroâ„¢ and Ultimate Technographic’s Impostrip®

At this webinar, attendees will learn how to increase their business productivity and profitability by using smart and integrated technology to automate online orders and to maximize the ecommerce business model. Both companies will show how easy it is to integrate both solutions. The integration of these two technologies can easily be streamlined using Pressero’s Automated Workflow Integrator (AWI) which supports integration with Impostrip that can drive ganged jobs and help you streamline your web to print workflow even further. Once the integration is configured between your Impostrip® and Pressero accounts, order files from Pressero are dropped into a watched holder file and are then automatically imposed by Impostrip®.

Aleyant’s Pressero is an affordable and easy-to-use cloud-based B2B or B2C online storefront solution that can quickly and easily be customized to clients’ needs. This package also includes ‘mobile-first’ responsive designs for branded sites to ensure proper display regardless of the viewing device being used.

Ultimate’s Impostrip® is a powerful and smart automated imposition software solution that drives results by increasing productivity and profitability. Smart and agile imposition automation at Ultimate means lights out, hands free, true reliable automation. For print service providers and in-plants considering a digital print environment, a web-to-print business, an increase in profitability, or simply to do more with the same resources, automation is the answer. With the increasing demand for shorter runs and quicker turnaround times, print service providers should think differently about imposition and finishing.
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