What are my options for folding?


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Hey guys, I will be having a digital press installed in my company later on this year, and am looking for some direction on folding. We are getting the press to service our current printing needs, which will be profitable from day one with our current applications. But we are looking to service our clients in more ways once we get the machine, and I feel Tri folds will be a big part of this, but I am not sure. I looked at adding in line Tri fold units, but haven't heard much good about them, such as not good on heavy weight paper, ect.

What I am wanting to know is what would you guys suggest for folding for me? I know with digital I will need creasing, so is there an affordable option for that? When we get up and running, I'm thinking I won't be doing more than 500 Tri folds a month. Not much if you ask me, and to me that volume doesn't justify a huge investment on a fancy folder. Will a simple Martin Yale table top folder work for my needs until I can justify a nice folder. I know people say friction feeders aren't good options, especially for gloss. I have no problem feeding paper individually.

As for creasing, what are my options. I have thought about designing Tri folds without color on the folds to avoid cracking, but from my understanding the paper will crack with it being gloss, right? I am planning on buying a manual creaser, ya know, the one with the lever you operate by hand haha.

In all honesty, saving time is not as important as saving money right now. So what would you guys suggest? Manual creasing and folding? Manual creasing and friction folder? Spend 10k and get a good air feed folder?

Please keep in mind that I understand as volume grows I will need better equipment, but I'd like to get to the point where I am overwhelmed and need the better equipment than going ahead and buying it without needing it.

Thank you and sorry for the long post.
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It all depends on the weight of your paper.

A Tabletop Folder will work fine if you are simply printing regular paper and folding it. They can handle 500 folds in minutes. Martin Yale, MBM and Formax all have good paper folders to do that.

If you are printing heavier stock, you will need a creaser. You can start with a hand creaser, but you may run into costs with waste.

MBM has their iCrease line which basically starts with good, better and best. The good one could get you started.

If you want to talk further, feel free to PM me.


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Powis Parker SM1 is a great option for hand scoring. $1300 brand new.

I concur on a table top folder too.

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What about Profitability?
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