What to do with an old Heidelberg Nexscan F4200


So, we have this Heidelberg Nexscan F4200 which has been standing around in our department since ever. It cannot be connected to any modern computer anymore due to it's SCSI interface, it's big and space consuming and it is the perfect place to lazily put all the stuff on which you do not want to put back in place. Yes, I know that these machines cost thousands of Euro several years ago. I know that it offers much more sophisticated scan options than any modern scanner. And I know that there are options to use a kind of SCSI to FireWire adapter. But there is no-one around who has the knowledge to make any use of these sophisiticated scan options and SCSI to FireWire adapters are really hard to find.

So, what do you think?

  • Is it worth to keep this space consuming device alive, just to make something like two or three scans in a month which might as well be done on a CanoScan Mark II?
  • Is it worth the effort to try to sell this scanner?
  • Or do you think it's more cost effective to just dispose it?

Any advice is apreciated!


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got the same "issue" with my FTS 5500 Cezanne... the main problem is: you can buy an adapter, but the software doesn't work anymore on nowadays computer... that sucks a lot!!!
Sell these scanner, it's quite impossible. Unless you accept just a bunch of money and pretend to be happy with it.
Personally I find useless invest in a new Canoscan until you got your scanner and his computer running, considering the number of scanning done every month (near to zero).
I decided to use them until they have a life, the bad day they'll break (scanner or computer)... I'll make an official funeral and I won't replace it. Garbage seems to be their future unless some softhouse pull out of that hat a new software to drive them.


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We have these dinosaurs over here, too, and I can tell you, two or three times a year there comes a customer around who needs such an expertise and service which is associated only with high-end scanning. Take a look at mobile.de, and you will see how much people are willing to spend on old stuff... This will eventually come onto those great old scanning equipment, too. There will be one day, when you could prove your professionalism by owning and knowing such a monster.

On the other hand, these scanners can easily beat any 'contemporary' scanner in every respect. Just keep the host computer alive - meaning switch it on once or twice a week, let it feel the electricity flowing around in their 'veins'.


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We have an old Topaz . . It only runs using a ADB dongle . . so I got two cheap G3s off of ebay just as a back up . . when the scanner dies we will give it a proper send off . . .


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Hi whaleone, I own a nexscan F4100, which operated great, until the dell PC had a problem with the hard drive. Widows 2000 was reinstalled, operating system Newcolor 7000 is fine but the driver to see the scanner has been lost.
Could you please advise or help
me with the correct driver, it would be much appreciated.
Thank you
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Thank you for replying. I got a G5 and a Mini Mac but the Newcolor 7000 Software is designed for Windows NT as far as I know,
this will be another problem I guess. I was hoping to get hold of the driver, but thank you again.


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It was a sad day when our Topaz smoked and died. We ended up smashing it and scrapping out the metal.


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Thanks Mark, I know the feeling, did it with other outdated computer equipment, but this one is special, it is simply the best scanner for 2D scanning. The scanner is perfect, the "Driver" is missingSample: embroidered Cloth 600mm x 300mm (hard cover Children's story book scanned 5 months ago) the detail is amazing, something you can not achieve with today's digital camera shots. I attach just one double page.
So, I think I have to look for a scanner of today with similar abilities. Any suggestions?
Thank you for your input Mark.

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