Where/how can I learn about managing an AGFA Avalon N4 CTP?


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Hi people.

We brought an Avalon N4, so I'm gonna be the person in charge of the use around this machine. Please guys, I'm a trainee so let me ask you about which resources or in where places I can learn about the use of this machine.

Thanks in advance for all your help, from Peru.


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What kind of managing you are looking for?
AGFA Avalon N4 -> recent AGFA Accento -> Dainippon Screen
You have no tech support for AGFA and Screen in Peru, I suppose.


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Well... I will have to attend customers with their designs in PDF, AI or PSD in order to reproduce it in the plates, direct to the offset.., in other words I give support in hardware and software.

It doesn't matter if I need some tutorials or exactly a place where I can learn all the steps to drive this "new baby", jeje. And, yes, we don't have a well-known support from AGFA in Peru.

Armya Inc

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Avalon N4 is a user friendly and an easy machine to operate. Definitely, with your background in Prepress, you will be able to operate the machine without any problem. For support on the Hardware, you will need much more than a user manual.

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