Where to Buy OEM Ricoh 7110 Toner


Hello, print community. Hopefully someone has an answer to this question. Where is the best place to buy OEM Ricoh 7110 toner? So far Ricoh seems to have the highest prices directly.


Yeah, ebay makes me nervous! I found it online from a seller for 225. Ricoh quoted me almost 400. Im sure is their top dollar retail price.


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Ricoh is ending my service contract on my 7110 later this year so if you come across someone I would be interested as well as I will be starting my search soon.


gmsupplies seems like a good vendor. I just tried my first toner cartridge.

Does anyone know what a good maintenance schedule plan would look like? I am new to this machine.
If most consumables were exhausted after 70,000 clicks for example, I could hire a tech and replace the parts at 60,000. Even better if there was a tech that was video or phone support for the changes since staffing is such an issue.


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I would be curious where a company like that gets their stock. Ricoh doesn't sell parts on the open market, especially not their toner. The toner may be old stock from a returned machine. Modern toner is fragile, meaning it has to be stored correctly, in the right temperature, or it will become unusable pretty quickly. Hardened toner is horrible to get out of a machine, often requiring a lot of very expensive parts to be replaced, like a several thousand dollar development unit.


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GM Supplies DOES have a buy back program. My understanding is that they are very careful about what they purchase. They have been in business for 53 years and have no BBB complaints and 4.8 stars on Goggle reviews (94% 5 star). None of the lesser reviews had anything to do with product quality, and few had anything to do with product at all.

But, to answer your question, most sites that sell branded product are dealer owned or dealer affiliated. Either independent dealers that represent multiple brands, or a site that has a network of independent dealers. In either case, the dealer probably makes more money selling supplies online than machines locally.

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