Where to find ready to use templates for web to print store


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I am looking for an online image library that provides ready to use templates for business cards, flyers, calendars...etc. where I can use them on my print on demand online store. Actually I found ShutterStock.com, they have 100s of templates, but their extended license was very expensive, I want something I can afford and has variety of templates. I searched a lot and I couldn't find an affordable resource for the templates!


We do not offer ready made templates because everyone's business is different. However, you can build one template (very easy to do - no coding required) and then clone that and change images, fonts etc. Check us out at red-tie.com


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If You decide to build your own solution you may need a print preflight tool. We offer an online preflight service in a SaaS model. Checking files, automatic corrections, conversion to selected ICC profile - finally a file ready for printing. Integration via REST API, costs to be negotiated

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What about Profitability?
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