Which Is Better? Kodak CTP or Cron CTP

A C De Soysa

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Hi guys

i am middle of making decision for buy CTP Machine, someone Says cron CTP Better Than Kodak CTP, I Think best way to know about it ask from you guys, can anyone help me to make decision, which is better? cron CTP or Kodak CTP

Help Me guys.. Have a happy Monday :D :D


Kodak, the Squarespot head in the Kodak Platesetters is still the gold standard and no one has yet to duplicate it.


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go for Kodak Trendsetter
We have a Kodak Trendsetter, driven by Prinergy Evo. The system was installed in 2011, which replaced an Agfa system. We run the Kodak Thermal Direct plates. The pressroom loves the plates, and we have no issues with the Trendsetter. I would recommend going with Kodak.



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Just for fun - the Cron booth at IPEX 2014 in the UK:

They were the only vendor showing CtP :p

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