Which is the best Inkjet Proofing system, which can print on Acutal Paper ?


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Currently we are using SC-P9000V Epson P series Printer Violet with GMG Proofing but we are not able match ISO Paper Type 4 ( Uncoated wood free paper ) and News Print, Could you please suggest us which is the best Inkjet proofing system which can proof on actual paper. ?



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I am not sure what you mean by Actual Paper, but with your Epson printer & GMG ColorProof I would suggest to use GMG Proofing Media. Why? Because it would be easy for you to achive what you want. GMG Colorproof provides to you with the proof profiles ready to use with their media.

Supported Printers and Media in GMG ColorProof --> https://www.gmgcolor.com/fileadmin/u...ofiling-EN.pdf

If you want to match the PSO Uncoated ISO12647 (FOGRA47) you could use the GMG ProofPaper matte 140 or also the GMG ProodMedia studio OBA matte 150.
If you want to match PSO Uncoated v3 (FOGRA52) I would recommend to use the GMG ProodMedia studio OBA matte 150.
And for Newsprint, GMG also provides the GMG ProofMedia studio newspaper 76 with the ability to match the WAN-IFRA Newspaper (26 v5) (ISO 12647-3:2013).



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I would think you'd need a UV printer to do it right. We do it at my plant sometimes with our P9000. You need to set it for the finest ink dot possible and allow extended drying time between each head pass. It's all about piling and drying. They still need to be coated with something to prevent scuff.

Edit: Using Oris Color Tuner

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