White ink on HP 4050 with Smartstream


I'm hoping someone can help me with a problem.
At the moment I am printing 5 colour .jlt files to press created from Quark 6.5 using Yours Truly. I'm tying to upgrade this part of the process to Indesign CS6 using Smartstream 6.1 but have run into a problem.
The 5th colour used is white as we are reverse printing onto plastic, the colour is defined as 5Indigo which is recognised by the rip / press as white. Using Smartstream / Indesign the colour is not arriving at press as white.
Not sure if this is a problem with my print settings in Indesign that is converting spot colours to process or if when using the Smartstream I need a different name for the white. Anybody else printing white?
Hi Macndy,

Our customers often have this requirement, although we haven't experience on using Designer to fullfill it, here I just give the operation steps using our own software VariPrint for your reference.

Use a spotcolor to define the WHITE color, to create a box using this spotcolor and make it Full Overprint, then design variable image, text or barcode under this spotcolor box. When preview the output PDF, use "Output Preview", you can see overprint effect.

Then send the output PDF to RIP, at the RIP side, define the printing sequency and let the spotcolor to be printed at first. The spotcolor name at the RIP must match to the name defined in the front software.


Thanks for the reply Edward it has given me some more things to check. I think the problem is in the print / rip setup as the spot white is arriving at press as a process colour. The search goes on.
Thanks again.

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