Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?


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I like the functionality of sites like 4over.com with online proofs and form based quotes.

Does anyone know what package they have? Who has the best all around package for web-to-print?


Re: Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

Many printers within this market segment develop their own systems in house.


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Re: Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

Look into things like pageflex from bitstream. Be prepared to spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, not only on the software but someone to run it all.


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Re: Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

I will also recommend PageFlex. Our shop has been using it for almost 2 years....and I wouldn't even know where to begin without it. We use it mostly for our clients Corporate packages. I don't think I have typeset a Business card in almost a year, let alone 24 at one time! Big time saver in the prepress department. And our customers LOVE IT!


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Re: Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

We found a software called RocketQuotes that can integrate into your existing website. It works great and is very affordable. The end result is a very user friendly Store Front that allows you to offer instant quoting and ordering for an unlimited number of printing items. Their website has a link to a live Demo that you can play with.



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Re: Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

Hey, I've talked with alot of people about [Rocketprint Software|http://htttp://www.Rocketprintsoftware.com|Web to Print software] and all of them say, they haven't found any web to print software out there this robust and affordable. The [Workflow|http://www.Rocketprintsoftware.com/rwflanding.html|Workflow managment software] program is the life-line for a lot of those print shops.


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Re: Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

Great question. It depends on how the print producer or enterprise print plant is looking to use the technology. Will it need to be integrated with legacy back-office (CRM, accounting. inventory, etc.) systems? Will they need the flexibility of creating marketing kits or packages and not just single items? Is it a public site (like the "V" company) or a private branded, web portal for one of their clients or divisions? Will they need it to integrate with mailing lists or custom client databases? Will they need a template editor or will the items be static? What about image galleries? The list goes on and on...

I guess in short, there is no one web2print company that "does it all". My advice is to look at a software company that has the flexibility to build custom, integrated applications around an existing, off the shelf product. There's a firm out of Baltimore called NOW Technology Group (www.nowtg.com) that has one of the easiest web2print solutions on the market. It's really geared to the client's customer/end user. They also do integration work with legacy software and web-based products.
Re: Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

Tough question as you may need to specify VDP or [Template based web to print|http://www.amazingprint.com] . Do you want to set up your own [web to print storefront|http://www.amazingprint.com] or do you want it pre-stocked? Do you need your w2p (as mentioned above) to integrate into MIS or your accounting packages? Do you require a print ready PDF or TIF or AI file? Do you need a web based pdf driver? Do you want hosted or [sever based w2p|http://www.amazingprint.com] ? Do you need help with SEO, SEM? What kind of equipment do you want to keep busy, digital or offset? What kind of customer base are you looking to atract: SOHO, SME, Corporate? Do you have salespeple, multiple domains?

For every one of those questions there is a solution that's right for you. If you really want best, buy two or three and pick and choose components from each.


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Re: Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

You should look at Red Tie, a UK based web to press soluition that is very cost effective and flexible.


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Re: Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

There are at least 20 web-to-print solutions on the market, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. To select the best solution for your organization, you should…
- define your company’s requirements
- benchmark your requirements against the available products
- come up with a short list of 4-6 fitting products
- request demonstrations using pre-defined demonstration scripts that emulate your requirements

Here are the top 20 web-to-print solutions in our product advisory database http://www.profectus.com/services/itselect.htm :
- Bitstream Inc. / Pageflex, http://www.bitstream.com
- EFI - Digital StoreFront , http://ww.efi.com
- Enterprise Print Management Solutions, http://www.entpms.com
- EonCode, Inc., http://www.eoncode.com
- FORIX, LLC / Printbridge, http://www.forixusa.com
- GMC Software Technology Inc. - PrintNet, http://www.gmc.net
- KODAK INSITE Storefront System, http://graphics1.kodak.com/
- Lucid Dream Software, Inc. , http://www.tribalsketch.com
- NowDocs - NowPrint, http://www.nowdocs.com
- Objectif Lune Inc., http://www.objectiflune.com
- PageDNA, Inc., http://www.pagedna.com
- Press-Sense Ltd. - iWay Enterprise, http://www.press-sense.com
- Print-Quotes Software Inc., http://www.print-quotes-software.com
- Printable Technologies, Inc., http://www.printable.com
- RedTie Ltd, http://www.red-tie.com
- Responsive Solutions Inc., http://www.responsivesolutions.net
- RocketPrint Software, http://www.RocketPrintsoftware.com
- Saepio Technologies, Inc. - PrintStore, http://www.saepio.com
- Screen USA - Riteportal SE, http://www.screenusa.com
- XMPie Inc., http://xmpie.com


Re: Who has the best all-around package for web-to-print?

We went through and checked out a lot of sites whe nwe were in the process of redesigning our site a year and1/2 ago and realized there are a lot of features various sites have but nothing that was customized to what we needed , so we started from scratch and designed our programs /apps etc.

It takes a bit more time to get up and running, but at least you know your site will function customized to how you need it to function.

Before redesign, the boss checked into some print sites that boasted of coming designed with bells and whistles and cost was around $30,000 for basics, and went up in price based on any customization. This , plus the idea that the code and structure was unknown - what if you wanted to change something, tie one or more things together? There were so many 'IFs' that we started from scratch and was better for (especially me the web guy) because then you know exactly what you have and how to make or change any of it when things expand, change, etc.

The original site from years back was similar to many print sites still out there - where as they just make a table data list of products and prices and it scrolls and scrolls along the page. The boss was looking at the new instant quote calculators o nsome sites and liked the idea, but wanted to go in a different direction with his own options for products etc. I was off wandering the Internet ocean, scrambling a bunch of ideas that were in many different categories on my own.. and got hired to do this. I thought "printing?..what the heck do i know about printing?!"
But after a lot of studying, researching blahblah.. I learned a lot about printing, the process, the history, machines and then was able to understand what they actually needed on their site. Using PHP/MySQL and AJAX - I came up with the 'Instant Pricing' calculators on the ezprintsolutions site.

The idea was to get rid of the billion page refreshes / reloads to recalculate price everytime somebody clicked on an option, but yet he wanted it so it was not scrolling down the side where a customer would have to throttle the scroll bar back and forth to see it.

If you're looking for stuff like that , I would go with PHP / MYSQL and AJAX (some might say .asp) but, hey i dont use .asp and dont care about .asp lol , so i couldnt help you with that. Its preference of program language, but with PHP and AJAX you can eliminate all the annoying page reloads everytime people click a button.

Hope that helps give you an idea - because awhile back we were trying to brainstorm the same things .


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TribalSketch Web2Print StoreFront

TribalSketch Web2Print StoreFront

TribalSketch is making some very nice impressions at printer sites now! It is a custom designed package that comes at a very affordable price! The main web interface is developed using Ruby on Rails and MySQL and is easy to customize for your look and feel. TribalSketch has a tremendous online design tool! The Flash based design allows true freestyle page layout in a browser. It is connected to our new "Flip Proof" system to produce real "paper" style of browser based proofing that you can turn the pages right in your browser. The site manages user designs very well and new features are coming very rapidly. We are live at printer sites now and welcome your feedback.


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We have the printables technology solution. Not the greatest, but it did allow us to get up and running quickly, and some of the pricing issues I've heard about bitstream kinda suck (they get a cut of every order?).
I'll be happy to answer any detailed questions, but can't really recommend them for or against (but will say it works).

- Mac


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Has anyone looked at Web2Print products from Online Printing Solutions?

Would love to get some opinions.

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Is anyone using Printable? Given they are partners with nearly every major vendor I'd like to hear some user experiences.
Web2Print ...

Web2Print ...

A million providers ... no standard according to me.

At ADAM Software we have a different view on Web2Print. Web2Print is according to us a Process based application which we base on our core business, development of a DAM Platform.

Key things needed : Management of users and rights, management of templates, open platform (.NET with documented API) for integration with any ERP System for pricing, planning, ... Integrated Business Process Management System, customers can develope any interface to serve their needs, ...
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I have started looking for web to print solutions myself and so far RocketQuotes seems to something I am interestedin pursuing further. I certainly like PageFlex but the investment is way beyond reach.

I read a few posts that spoke highly of RocketQuotes but anyone out there have a bad experience?

I have also checked into PrinterOrder.com but they do not seem to be in any list of providers in the industry that I have come across. Anyone have any experience with them?


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