WIA funding for G7 Expert training


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I'll be attending the G7 Expert certification training in MN with Don Hutcheson June 23-25 courtesy of our wonderful federal government! That's right, the Workforce Investment Act--which was actually very easy to navigate with assistance from my local county workforce services office--is paying the whole fee. And, even more amazing, I was offered a job partially because of this pending certification!

So, if you're unemployed and you think your government can't help, check again and use all your resources! I never had to deal directly with anyone above my local county of Frederick, MD to get this. There was some prep work, and application and a proposal I had to write to get the grant funding, but it was definitely worth it! The people in my county workforce services office were great. They really want to help and even helped me write a counter offer that was accepted.

Good luck and happy printing!


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