Xante EnPress Feeding troubles


Good morning.

We just picked up a Xante EnPress slightly used for a very reasonable press.

With that said, I got it up and running, and everything seemed to be working ok until yesterday, The feed roller for the envelopes doesn't move up and down. I cannot figure out why. I've tried to talk to Xante to no avail current;y. I'm waiting on a tech to get back to me.

Anyone else have an issue like this?



've had the Xante Enpress since August 2019. If I would do it all over again - I would purchase the Intec Envelope Press. Their feeder makes sense and I've heard that another printer recently switched from the Xante Enpress to the Intec and has already run over 100k of envelopes thru it. The Enpress Enterprise feeder has been a struggle for me -you seem to have to have a perfectly flat envelope to run through it. Also the envelopes can hit the edge of the Xante metal ruler bar and cause a pile up. I've replaced many sensors, adjusted belt speeds, raised/lowered the feed wheel. Also, tried the new magnetic feed wheel attachment that came out from Xante recently. Just a few days ago, via Facebook chat message from Xante, they said it has already been discontinued (but they shipped me one anyways after giving them my credit card over the phone). I had a tech come out here last week and installed it. They shipped the magnetic wheel with two electronic boards. However, the instructions only showed one board (which stumped the tech installing it) - but you needed to install both boards. We ended up installing both boards per direction from Xante Tech Support. Turns out, the motor on the new magnetic wheel does not turn when plugged in and the belts do not advance on the feeder. So I ended up taking the exit rollers off my offset envelope exit conveyor and attached it to the Xante Enpress feeder with a large metal clip. That seems to help.


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Sorry for the delay in my response.

After contacting Xante, they wanted me to buy a new bypass door for the low, low rate of $1700. Imagine my surprise and the choice words that came out of my mouth after that revelation.

After my heart rate returned to normal, I talked to my tech that we have for our Ricohs. He was gracious enough to find the service and parts manual for me, and even guided me along to find the broken part in the door. It wasn't easy and a one way bearing fell apart on me, but I found the broken part and was able to fix it for significantly less then $1700.

After that repair, I found my envelopes bunching up. So I grabbed a wrench and whatever patience that I had and adjusted the height of the feeder. Took a little bit of time, but it's much better then it was. I also use the exit tray roller with a giant clip to assist. Lastly, I did have to adjust the motor speed. Not perfect, but it's about where our Impressia was.

My only other issue with the machine is running A size envelopes. It's pretty painfully slow to be honest. Even with my knowledge of the service mode, I haven't found a work around. Xante wants me to buy their special fuser for $535. A little steep when I'm getting regular fusers priced at $210. I'm trying to find out what Xante does to modify the fusers.


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Xante wants me to buy their special fuser for $535. A little steep when I'm getting regular fusers priced at $210. I'm trying to find out what Xante does to modify the fusers.
The special fuser is a waste and ONLY works with A6 and A7 size. Any other size is equally slow to the regular fuser.


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That's why I'm reluctant to buy it. If I can figure out what they do, I'd try it myself.
I think it has something with the lamps, but not 100% We even tried to lie about the size, but that didn't work.

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