Xeikon Launches Entry-level REX—3030 Press


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Xeikon has announced the launch of its “Remanufactured, Ecological: Xeikon Quality” program—or, REX for short—supporting printers looking for affordable, entry-level digital production solutions. The investment threshold for production digital printing solutions can be steep, and the REX program offers remanufactured Xeikon presses, providing an attractive and affordable option.

Xeikon has been manufacturing digital presses for more than 30 years, and as customers trade in their older presses, the returned press goes into the REX program. These older presses are remanufactured by running them through their factory, implementing all recent updates and upgrading the digital front end to the latest version: X-800 6.0. Presses that have gone through the REX program are then offered back into the market at an attractive price. Remanufactured REX presses have the same warranty as all new Xeikon presses; and the offering price is below $200,000.

REX Program | Xeikon

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