Xerox 242/252 registration - front to back?

John Baker

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I have a question pertaining to the front-to-back registration of the Xerox 242/252. Does anyone
know what the front to back registration tolerance is? Is there any documentation that Xerox has
that would verify the front to back registration that could be sent to me or attached to the reply
of this post.

I've heard the front to back registration is not that desirable on the Xerox 242/252 and wanted to verify if this was true or false.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Re: Xerox 242/252 registration - front to back?

I don't have any documentation but I'm pretty sure that Xerox guarantees something like 3mm.

Just note that you can preform alignments for different trays (there are 5) and different stock sizes so you can end up with needing a lot of alignments

There is also a manual skew located within the machine, this is the thing that I fiddle with the most.

I almost always use image shift within Command workstation to achieve desired back up and am usually able to get it bang on.


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Re: Xerox 242/252 registration - front to back?

We just bought a 242 and are having registration problems. I was told by service.. of the trays its 1.5mm, high cap or bypass its 2.9mm per side. Still trying to sort that out from them. Sales team told me it is 1.5mm, but neglected to tell me about the 2.9mill of the highcap, when all we print is from the hicap

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