Xerox 700 - Paper Jam


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I've been using the Xerox 700 for over 3 years now and looked after it very well with lots of self maintenance, instead of killing it and calling out Xerox engineers when it's on its last legs. I've been using Xerox's for over 10 years and know them quite well.
I've also used 350gsm Uncoated and Coated paper since the beginning of this machine (over 3 years ago) without any problems until around 2-3 months ago. I now get regular paper jams after every 5-10 sheets. I've cleaned all rollers from feeder to 2nd BTR Roller and even had the 2nd BTR Roller changed but the problem is still there. The paper feeds from the paper tray and jams near the alignment area. I've tried feeding from different trays (Tray 6 & 7) but still the same problem.

Any answers anyone???


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My guess is a gear or motor on its way out. You probably are only seeing the jam on the 350gsm since it is stressing those components. If it goes untreated I would guess it will start jamming on all cardstock.

Just a guess going off what you are telling me.


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Another possibility is that some little thing may have gotten slightly bent where it jams, just enough to knock the paper askew a bit to jam it.

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