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I'm trying to setup my Xerox Versant 180. Some of the configuration settings, seem to be accessed through "Centreware". I have downloaded the setup for it, but I can't get past "Database Server".

Anyone who has setup Centreware, can you step me through this?


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Progress report: I do have a Fiery RIP on the V180. Tried the and (I think this is the one for my machine). No luck, just times out.
My Xerox D125 has no rip. I can get to CentreWare by opening a browser and typing in the ip address ( (attached).
When I type in the ip address of the V180, it takes me to the Fiery RIP.
Any suggestions, I will try anything,


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Type in the IP of the Fiery. On the bottom right hand corner of that page it should say "Xerox Versant 180 Press". Click that and it should take you to CentreWare.

Just to save a little bit of a headache. I have to use IE or Edge not chrome to make changes in CentreWare. Any time I've used Chrome it doesn't save the changes. Not sure if FireFox will work as I don't use it.
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Batprt, Did what you said. Type IP address of Fiery. Bottom right hand corner of page...
This brings up a second WebTools|Home tab (now two tabs say WebTools|Home).
Tried Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers, same result.
Does Fiery offer online support? I am so frustrated, I'm ready to throw money at the problem.


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Azehnali, I wanted to turn off Smart eSolutions trying to connect to Xerox.

I finally figured out what I was doing wrong, so now I am in CentreWare. Turned off Smart eSolutions. Made some other minor changes.

Now my next problem is the machine won't go into energy save or sleep mode. I have them both set to 1 minute just as a test. So far, the machine never powers down.


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if the machine has any error codes displaying even if those error codes don't interfere with printing ,it will not go into power saver mode
I would set them to 15 min

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