Xerox freeflow vs fiery as issues?


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We have a Xerox DC5000 with a Fiery rip and are about to get a second DC5000AP but it is being supplied with a Xerox freeflow rip, anything to be aware of?? Also an engineer has pointed out that the 5000 used in AP mode ie all profiles run same speed results in image quality loss, do any of you guys have problems?



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I have 3 FreeFlow driven DC5000APs.

Short answer, there are some problems to be aware of. #1 Free Flow was originally shipped with the DTP 20 Spectrophotometer. That is no longer made by XRite and is near end of life so recertifying it is next to, if not, impossible. (Most people don't know that spectrophotometers are supposed to be recertified every 12-18 months.) If you use the Eye-One Spectrophotometer the FFPS (FreeFlow Print Server) crashes often even though that is the replacement device and the FFPS *should* work with it.

As for AP mode, I have one unit that is spot on for registration with the AP mode, I have one that wanders a bit on front-to-back (within 1mm most of the time) and one that is so loose, I generally can't run AP mode (it's up to 5mm off). I am TSG'ing the 5mm unit and waiting on a replacement.

A spar has been created 2.5 weeks ago per Xerox on the FFPS/Eye-One issue so it *should* be being worked on, however I have reported the issue for several months with no one confirming the issue. They just kept saying there was this patch or that patch that I needed to install.

If you are used to a Fiery, I'd try to stay on that as the FFPS is a bit tricky and most tech's have no clue when it comes to the FFPS due to the rarity of the platform. It does have advantages in that the rip can specify certain pages to run as grayscale or black clicks regardless of the content on the page in the file.

Just my experience

Milo Wilson

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FF vs Fiery

FF vs Fiery

Also a big disadvantage, the licensing on the "Free"flow. Fiery doesn't have licensing issues.


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ShortRun - Can you explain how you recertify a Xerox leased spectrophotometer? Do they do that upon request or do you need to send it out of pocket? Does it go back to X-rite?


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Call XRite and get an RMA Number to send the unit it. It is out of pocket as Xerox won't pay for it (Usually $200-$300 per unit). You have to send the calibration tile in with the spectrophotometer or it will get returned to you. Takes a couple of weeks to do minimum.

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