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Operator her. Will give my personal view on the machine.

We added a Iridesse to our production alongside a 4 year old Versant 3100. Before that we had a KM C8000, which I will not get into here, but the worst 5 years of my life as an operator.

3100 was a fantastic upgrade form the KM, ran 1000's of sheets between engineer call-outs, we print a lot of personalised calendars and this thing churned work out like nothing else. Last Nov we put over 260K on it without missing a beat.

The Iridesse, in my opinion, blows the 3100 out for print quality. We ordered it with CMYK only, no special colours etc as we don't need that. The print quality alone is outstanding. Been running approx 6 weeks now, lot of testing etc and setting profiles and paper stocks up, but very impressed so far.

Lot of adjustments can be done for quality through the stand-alone pc that operates the printer, also been trained as TKO and, as daunting as it looks when you open the doors and take covers off, a few screws has most of the parts out and changed. Videos are in the TKO side of the engine if you forget a step of get confused to show how to change all parts.

Very impressed so far, coming into our high production period and if this machine is anything like the 3100 has been, and still is, we won't have any issue looking at a second to replace the 3100.

Hope this helps, and if anyone has questions I will do my best to provide info as far as I can.
Interesting to hear your experience. Our 2100 was plagued by banding in black screens it's entire life and needed developer service twice a month it's entire life. It was fast, but needed lots of maintenance. Ricoh C72xx machines look much better quality wise and when it comes to printing oversize sheet they are so much faster.
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