xerox iridesse

Kyle Arn

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Hello I was just curios on if anyone has the Xerox Iridesse. What is your experience with it? Is it worth getting? What are the pros and cons of it?


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I believe the Irridesse is manufactured by Fuji, and Fuji and Xerox are drifting apart. I would strongly encourage you to invest in a badass attorney to help negotiate the lease and maintenance agreements with that in mind. Your company will need to be very confident in the ability to monetize the machine, and any add-ons like specialty colors, booklet maker, etc. There are a few customer interviews with Irridesse owners on Youtube that you could use to cold call and ask for hands on opinions if no one in this forum has an Irridesse.


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We got ours installed a week and a half ago... So far so good...
So, still all good? We buy offset outside paper printed for packaging lamination and think this might be a good fit, depending on sheet cost with all costs factored in. Does anyone have a ballpark cost to print an A4, 50% coverage or ?
Can anyone ballpark a 6 color version of the machine with typical options, general ball park is all I seek. Thank you to all!

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